Barcelona CUP 2013


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A one-day international tournament that takes place in Barcelona the 17th of August 2013.

Montjuïc swimming pool “Piscines Municipals de Montjuïc” at the Montjuïc Mountain in Barcelona, Spain.


08:00h Games will start at 08:45h. The games will be over at around 18:30h.


The Cup is open to all teams in female and male category.

Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool measures (25.0 m. x 25.0 m.) will be reduced using temporary lanes to 25.0m / Width: 10.0 m. Depth: 5.0 m. Baskets are hooked to the wall.


CMAS UWR rules will apply, with exception of “Special rules”. Playing and pause time will be adjusted depending on the number of participating teams.

Game schedule:

The game schedule depends on the number of participating teams. Game time is approximately 12 minutes ineffective (depends on number of teams), and a minimum of 4 games per team is guaranteed. The final game schedule will be sent out by e-mail to the contact person for each team.

Advance Registration:

Advanced registration can be made by sending an e-mail to Attaching  the Participation Form . The deadline for Advance Registration is the 3rd of May 2013.

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