Frequently Asked Questions: 

I find an interesting sport and I like to try. What should I do?

Send a message to Facebook ( or email, or in Contact section in our web. We answer fast!

I do not have the material to play, can I come also?

Of course! We will leave everything you need: fins, mask, snorkel, … All you need to bring is a swimsuit, towel and flip-flops.

Where and when do we train?

We train on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 22 h (stay out of the pool at 21:30 h) 23:00 h the Club Esportiu Mediterrani (c / Begur 44-52).

I’m not in shape, long time ago do not practice any sport and it seems very physical.

No problem, the only requirement to play underwater rugby is to swim. We teach you all the techniques of the game and, over time, you will grabbing agility under the water. The fact that it is a sport in 3 dimensions (which is not a common thing in sports) makes all the new people always start from zero.

What does sport in 3 dimensions mean?

The three-dimensional vision is evident in this sport to have opponents and your teammates not only at both sides but in any situation of space that makes up the pool. Quite an experience!

How do you score? Where are the goals?

The goals are at the bottom of the pool and are a type of basketball basket with weights inside to not move. The goal is getting the ball inside the goal.

Are you federated? Do you do competitions?

Yes, we are federated at the Federació Catalana d’Activitats Subacuàtiques (Catalan Federation of Underwater Activities). We try to participate in everything that can be either in Spain or abroad, it is a way to make tema and enjoy the sport.

Do you organize a tournament?

Yes, every August in Barcelona we have the cup with the same name of the city: BarcelonaCUP. An international tournament involving teams from around the world. An event being marked in the world of underwater rugby, played in Montjuic Municipal Pool, with an incomparable view of our city. We also organize the Copa Catalunya, a cup serving for everyone who plays and has played rugby (former players, retired veterans, underwater hocky players …) can enjoy all the different teams playing each other all day.

Do you requite some kind of fee?

Yes. We pay a fee every month that pays the pool where we train.

Where you play underwater rugby?

In Spain at the moment there are 3 teams (Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Peñafiel) but countries like Germany and Colombia have a long tradition with its own leagues and teams in virtually every city. For now, it is implanted in the 5 continents and is currently expanding worldwide.

Is there more underwater rugby teams in Catalunya?

Unfortunately, we did not … We are pioneers in this sport in Catalonia and we’d love to have a Catalan league and play against other boys and girls of our territory. If you are interested in sport and can not come to Barcelona contact us, maybe you could assemble a team of underwater rugby in your area. We help you with whatever it takes!

Why it is called underwater rugby?

You could say underwater rugby or basketball or water polo. The only thing we have in common with rugby is that it is a contact sport where you can catch others if you have the ball. No scrums are made, and our ball is not oval. :)

Is it a sport for girls? This "rugby" seems very beast.

Sure it is! The girls usually play in mixed teams, making a more agile and dynamic game without being so hard. Don’t fotget, we have to know it’s still a contact sport. The BCN Rugby Sub has a women’s team which is a team that usually remains in firts place in the standings in the Spanish championship.

I never practiced apnea, how much time are you under water?

As we are under water, we do intense and moving way, so it is not a “quiet” apnea. Normally the median is about 10 to 15 seconds, but a lot depends on the person. As training will earn more lung capacity and lungs get bigger. No, we will not air bottles!

Are you the whole time underwater?

No, we play with couples and while a player is under water, his partner is in the water surface, breathing with the “snorkel” and in the same time looking the game. In tournaments, if there are more than 6 players they have available relay, so players who are not in the water, are breathing on the bench.

What is the "snorkel" for if we play underwater?

When we breathe, if we use the tube allows us to breathe easily on the surface and also to see where the ball is at all times.

How is the ball we play with?

It’s a round ball of 52 cm in circumference (as a handball ball) that is filled with salt water so that it is negatively buoyant and sinks. They can get to make passes a little over 3 m across the water and during the game, the ball can never get out of the water.

Is it a team sport?

Totally. The temas are made for 6 players in the water and they all are part of the success of a good defense or the success of a good offense.

Do you do other things besides play underwater rugby?

Yes, we are a very diverse group of people of all ages (from 13-40 years) who also do ground activities! Our team is composed by stundents, workers or both! :)