Underwater Rugby is a ball game, which as its name suggests, is played underwater and the players can move in three dimensions. It is a contact, strategy, speed and agility sport, in which two teams (blue and white) with twelve players each one, have to put the ball in the opposing team’s goal. To make this, each team has six players in the water and six outside, making each player got his relief. Players are equipped with the basic material of diving: fins, mask and snorkel.

The baskets or goals, which have a diameter of 40 cm, are located at the bottom and at the ends of the pool, which by rules, can vary between 3.5 m and 5 m. deep. It is played with a spherical ball filled with salt water or glycerin, giving it a negative buoyancy. It is possible to move the ball into the water and make passes that can reach up to 3 m away.

The game is developed underwater, leading players to make apneas to play the game. To do this, a good physical condition is required as to be active during the game, players must be up to the surface for air, then dive again and help teammates in the bottom of the pool. Therefore each position is used to make in pairs. There are three positions: Goalkeepers, defender and attacker.